First Date Tips for a Rookie

Going on a first date can be very exciting, yet very frustrating at the same time. The thought process of how to act, what to wear or what to expect from the date is so time consuming and very stressful. We probably spend more time planning how our date should go than the actual date itself. And if you are anything like me, the date just never really goes as planned!

I have come up with some first date tips that would be very helpful for those of you looking to ACE your first date and definitely not look like a Rookie.

1. Act Confident

Lets be real here, most of us are very nervous about a first date, especially when it is a long-awaited date! We have all been there before. But just like a job interview, showing that you are nervous usually leaves a negative impression. The easiest way to act confident on your first date is to be yourself and let them impress you. Think of it this way. You have standards and they need to meet your standards.

2. Dress Classy

I just can’t stress this enough. You know the saying that goes ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’? Well, it just doesn’t apply to dating! No man wants to have a serious relationship with a female dressed like she came for a one night stand. And for my guys, we definitely don’t want anything serious with someone that just can’t afford to look nice.  Ladies love men that they can show off.  So while you are stressing about how the date would go, take some quality time out to choose how to present yourself with the clothes that you choose to wear. Remember, their first impression of you would be based on how you look. So, dress classy and start your date just right.

3. Listen more and talk less

You have two ears and one mouth. This is very crucial to know and remember during your first date. A first date is not meant for your date to know everything about you. A first date is meant for both of you to see if you would be interested in getting to know each other. Also, there is nothing more annoying than someone that just keeps rambling on a first date. Most of the time, we tend to ramble when we are trying to impress someone, and trust me, they know this. Tying back to my first point of acting confident. Remember they should be the ones meeting your standards. Have engaging conversations and be sure to ask and answer questions; however listen more than you speak.

4. Avoid sexual topics and activities

Well this only applies to those that are looking for a serious relationship.  Steer clear of discussing your sexual encounters, positions or anything sexual for that matter. And most importantly, do not have sex on your first date. You just don’t want to give an impression that you are just looking for fun or would be open to just having fun. Again, this is if you know that you are not looking to just mess around. If you are not sure what you are looking for, avoid this on your first date for now or your date would most likely make that decision for you. If you are on a first date and your date keeps bringing up sexual topics or is making sexual advances, then it probably means that both of you may be looking for totally different things. Do Not think that he/she is just “very attracted to you!! This is definitely not an indicator that they are attracted to you, so steer clear.

5. Be Yourself

The best that you can be is YOU. Do not act like anyone else but yourself. Most people can easily tell when you are putting on a show or not acting like yourself because it looks fake (like you are trying so hard to be what you are not). You even make more mistakes and end up doing or saying dumb things when you are trying hard to not be yourself. Act naturally and things would flow as they should. It is totally fine for there to be some awkward pauses here and there, as this is your first date with them. Human beings are not perfect; but trust me, being imperfect is more attractive than being fake. So be yourself and have fun. If they like you, then great; and if they don’t, then better to know now than later.

2 thoughts on “First Date Tips for a Rookie

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  1. I like how you have confidentaly mentioned that outer appearances matter. We psychologists term this enclothed cognition. It is indeed our appearance that gets us noticed in the first place, to have a chance at showing off what our core is made of!! Good post. Love the point on not talking about sexual activities on first dates too.


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