Tinder me Knot

It seems like these days, everyone is up to using the internet for everything. Download an app and find your soul mate within seconds huh? Yup, I have been there and done that! Find my partner on tinder? nah, tinder me not!

Tinder should definitely not be an option when looking for a partner and I’ll tell you why. I never thought I would be one to try online dating, until I got lonely enough to give it a try. Laying in bed and scoring dates with hot men should be #goals, right? Well, you are way off if you are looking for a #SeriousRelationship. I believed dating in real life was a struggle, until I tried dating on Tinder.

It took me a little over twenty tinder dates to realize that Tinder is a hook up app. I kept telling myself that I would find that one person on tinder that truly wants something serious, until I realized that i was just barking up the wrong tree. Most people on Tinder are looking for hook ups and thats it, so save yourself the stress of finding a serious relationship in an unserious environment.

Yes, I have heard stories about people that met on tinder and got married. I know that it can happen. But how many people do you personally know that met on tinder and are in a serious relationship? I bet only a few. Personally, I don’t know any. Generally, I know just one, the sister of my tinder date that wanted me to come back to his place on our first date. Thinking about it now, chances are that he lied just to get in my pants!

If you are looking for a one night stand, Tinder is the app to have on your phone. If you are looking for a friends with benefits, well…you can try tinder and hopefully they call you when they need more benefits; but chances are that they will be back swiping for other one night stands. Now if you are looking for a serious relationship on tinder, my dear rookie, you are looking for the right thing in the wrong place.


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  1. Hi, I found you on First Friday. Nice to meet you!

    Good advice. This is something I certainly never knew.

    This is very readable and very relatable for a wide audience. I like the way you have used bold to highlight important phrases or words. This is a very good idea.

    It might be a good idea to include an ‘about’ page if you get a chance. Your readers will be interested in you as a reader and will want to get to know you a little more. You will be surprised how many hits it receives.

    Thanks for sharing, a very nice read.

    -She 🙂

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      1. Great news. I imagine it will get a good few views. People love getting to know the writers 🙂

        If you have the time and fancy, I would be very grateful if you would check out my site. Leave a like or comment if you like, and if it strikes you and you hit ‘follow’, then you will make my day!


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