Bad Romance

"Do you like me?" I asked "Ofcourse I do! Why else would I always want to come over?!" He replied "Well you never come during the day" I said "Because I'm always busy during the day. But even after my busy day, I still make time out to be with you at night" He replied... Continue Reading →

Dealing with the Switch

Have you ever met someone that you were feeling and was sure they were feeling you back and all of a sudden it's a dead silence? Everything was going great and then they just change up on you? You send text messages and start realizing that they are responding hours later with one word or... Continue Reading →

Dealing with someone that aint sh!t

Have you ever been with someone just never keeps their words? Never shows up for any plans they made with you? Always lies about things you already know about? Has cheated on you countless times? Doesn't give you enough attention? Never makes you feel appreciated? Never shows you any respect? The list can go on... Continue Reading →

Davido’s Assurance Is A Real Issue

So I woke up today and decided to see the trending topics and I stumbled on #Assurance. Assurance is a song that was released by a Nigerian artist, Davido that brags about the money he spends on his girlfriend. He buys her a porsche for her birthday to "assure" her of his love for her... Continue Reading →

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