Davido’s Assurance Is A Real Issue

So I woke up today and decided to see the trending topics and I stumbled on #Assurance. Assurance is a song that was released by a Nigerian artist, Davido that brags about the money he spends on his girlfriend. He buys her a porsche for her birthday to “assure” her of his love for her and then tells men out there to take note! How disrespectful!

What in the effing world is going on these days?! To get this straight, a billionaire spends some of the money he clearly has in excess on his girlfriend and brags about it & this is now #goals for a relationship?! Now I am not saying that he doesn’t love this girl because clearly  I am not in their relationship with them. But the fact that people are measuring his love for her based on the money he is spending is extremely disgusting and very disrespectful to women. This is exactly the reason why men focus more on their money than on actually building a committed relationship with their girlfriends. Then to make things even more confusing, we have naive females out here talking about how their guys should show their love to them by giving them “assurance” like Davido did.

For goodness sake, when did we start measuring a man’s love by the amount? What else do you guys know about their relationship that gives you the assurance that they are a loving couple? What else has he bragged about except the money he spends that gives you #assurance?  Ladies need to actually wake up and stop looking for assurance in the wrong places. A man that doesn’t have the kind of money Davido has would not be able to spend that kind of money on their girlfriend! Davido can spend that kind of money because it is in his “30 billion” bank account. Matter of fact, he should be spending that kind of money on her without having it publicized everywhere.

I am tired of reading about the amount of money Davido spends on his girlfriend. Honestly, I’m tired of Davido bragging about how much he spends on his girlfriend the same way he brags about how much he spends on his products. I am starting to wonder if this is really about her or more about himself.  Someone should ping me when he brags about the things that really matter in a relationship like #Commitment #Loyalty #Respect and others that he is yet to brag about. Just maybe I would start having #Assurance.

4 thoughts on “Davido’s Assurance Is A Real Issue

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    1. He definitely tore up the internet with Assurance! I have no problem with their relationship, but I was definitely bothered about the message behind his assurance.


      1. i’m not even bothered no more about how much show off they do. its only funny why its so over hyped. i mean its davido, common shouldn’t have expected anything less as a gift!

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