Dealing with someone that aint sh!t

Have you ever been with someone just never keeps their words? Never shows up for any plans they made with you? Always lies about things you already know about? Has cheated on you countless times? Doesn’t give you enough attention? Never makes you feel appreciated? Never shows you any respect? The list can go on and on, but to sum it all up, have you ever been with someone that you know deep down they just aint sh!t?! I have! Matter of fact, I have dealt with numerous people that just weren’t sh!t and would like to share the secrets of dealing with someone that just aint sh!t!

1. Act, Don’t Say : This is the most important part of this article.  If you don’t remember anything else, you have to remember this! Stop telling people what you would do if they continue their bad behavior and JUST DO IT.  I used to make the mistake of getting angry and yelling about how I would walk away or how I would do this and that if they didn’t change but I realized that it really doesn’t change anything. Especially if you have made those same threats countless times in the past. The more times you say it, the less times they believe you. The more times you do it, the more times they believe you. The fastest way to get results in this situation is to act.

2. Three time’s a charm: If they have done it to you three times, then it is very likely that they will do it again.  Keep this in mind when you are forgiving them for their wrong doings multiple times. Also keep in mind that they know this as well. Forgiving them for the same thing multiple times only makes them feel more comfortable that they can’t lose you. You never want anyone to feel like they would always have you regardless of what they do to you!

3. Ignore them: Ever heard about the silent treatment before? It works! If you want to get someone to actually feel bad for acting a certain way towards you, ignore them. Don’t pick their calls, answer text messages or respond to any form of communication. This works like magic every single time! It not only gives them a glimpse of how it would feel to lose you, but also makes them feel unimportant to you at that time. Nothing hurts an ‘Aint Sh!t’ person more than the feeling that they aint sh!t.

4. Stop dealing with them: I’ll keep this very short and simple. If they are just not changing their behavior, then cut them off. It simply means that they don’t care about you or your feelings. Find someone that actually cares about you and makes you happy.


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