Dealing with the Switch

Have you ever met someone that you were feeling and was sure they were feeling you back and all of a sudden it’s a dead silence? Everything was going great and then they just change up on you? You send text messages and start realizing that they are responding hours later with one word or maybe even just a boring emoticon that has nothing to do with the conversation? You leave missed calls but only get a text back? How freaking annoying! Then you have to start replaying every single event in your head to see what you missed and where you may have done something that messed it all up? Don’t feel left out honey, come join the crew.

You go out of your way to ask if there is an issue and then get the generic response of “I’m just busy”!!! Haha no kidding. Clearly “I’m busy” is the new  “I don’t want to be bothered by you”. Wouldn’t it just be easier to tell someone that you are no longer interested in them than just acting different? I have heard many people say that they just don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings but switching up on a person is literally one of the most disrespectful actions to take, yet people still do it anyway. It’s just so much better to make someone else feel shitty about themselves than to come off feeling like a shitty person, isn’t it? I bet some real shitty people are nodding at this right now.

Don’t waste any more time trying to figure out why someone switched up on you. It really doesn’t change anything. The situation remains the same. So if they start acting different towards you, simply LET THEM. Stay “busy” with people that haven’t switched up on you yet.  Stop asking why and giving them the power to disrespect you further. If you did anything wrong, then they should be able to tell you. Honestly, most of the time when this happens, you did nothing wrong. They simply just lost interest in you and would like you to figure it out for yourself and then get lost. How rude!

If you find yourself texting and something is just really off, then stop texting. If you haven’t received a call back from your missed call, then take the hint and stop calling! No, they haven’t lost their phone. No, they haven’t been asleep for 72 hours. And YES, they are still alive! Focus on building a relationship with someone that acts like they want to build a relationship with you. Life is way too short to be fighting over a damn switch!


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