Bad Romance

“Do you like me?” I asked
“Ofcourse I do! Why else would I always want to come over?!” He replied
“Well you never come during the day” I said
“Because I’m always busy during the day. But even after my busy day, I still make time out to be with you at night” He replied

Yeah, I knew it was total bullshit; but if you could see the beauty that was before my eyes, you would have asked for a piece of that bullshit too! That man was 🔥!!! I just could not bring myself to do the right thing and pull the plug. I was always too busy trying to catch my breadth when he was around. Come on, just look at him!

“Why didn’t you text me back?” I asked
“I did!” He replied
“That was the next day” I said
“Well I’m not a phone person, so I’m hardly with my phone” He replied

Again, I knew that was bullshit, but just maybeee he wasn’t a “phone” person. I mean, look at him! He could be anything he wanted to be, so maybe a phone person just wasn’t one of them. Or maybe I just wasn’t important to him….No, I’ll choose to accept that he just wasn’t a phone person! I have to believe him, come on, just look at him!

“You stood me up and didn’t even bother to call” I said
“I went out with the guys and got wasted.” He replied
“Are you kidding me?” I yelled
“It wasn’t my fault! I clearly had no idea what was going on after I got drunk. Let me make it up to you, can I come over tonight?” He replied

Ofcourse I knew that I should have said no. Who even considers saying yes to that right?! Well, just maybes I said YES! Okay lets cut the crap, of course I said yes. It wasn’t his fault that he got drunk! He didn’t mean to, but he is human so I can’t be too hard on him. Come on, just look at him!

“So we still haven’t made this official yet. What are we?” I asked
“What do you mean?” He replied
“We’ve been seeing each other for a while now. Are we together?” I asked
“Together in what sense?” He replied
“I just want to know where this is going” I said
“Well I thought you were okay with this” He replied
“Okay with what?” I asked
“With us being friends.”

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