Finding You – Chapter Two

"So why are you interested in this role, Mr Coleman?" Selma asked, struggling to keep her focus on the interview questions for the position and not get distracted by his light green eyes. She had almost forgotten how attractive he was! " I have worked as an HR manager for ten years and have gained... Continue Reading →

Finding you – Chapter One

Selma fumbled with the comforter on the bed as she struggled to hold back the tears that had coiled up in her eyes. She could not understand how he was ending their four year relationship for a woman he had met only two months ago. How could she explain this to her friends, parents, everyone... Continue Reading →


When I met you, It was like I had found what I had been looking for all my life. It's so hard to explain, because for so long I have had no idea of what I truly want. I have met so many people and just always felt like something was missing. But with you....I... Continue Reading →

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