When I met you, It was like I had found what I had been looking for all my life. It’s so hard to explain, because for so long I have had no idea of what I truly want. I have met so many people and just always felt like something was missing. But with you….I just feel..complete.

With you, I believe in the unrealistic parts of falling in love
With you, I believe in fairytales
And with you, I can picture more than just a few fun dates.

Whenever I have felt myself falling for a guy in the past, I have always been so afraid to getting hurt. But why don’t I feel like that with you? Why do I feel that for once in my life, my head and heart are in agreement? Why does letting you in feel so natural?

Our conversations feel so natural, flows so easily and beautifully
Just like a water fall
I feel so alive with you and truly believe that this time
I can have it all


You give me…Butterflies…

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