Finding You – Chapter Two

“So why are you interested in this role, Mr Coleman?” Selma asked, struggling to keep her focus on the interview questions for the position and not get distracted by his light green eyes. She had almost forgotten how attractive he was!

” I have worked as an HR manager for ten years and have gained the skills required to successfully match applicants to open roles in companies. This role would be a good fit for my skill set,  Sel”  He replied.

“Dont!” She snapped before she could hold back. She looked back at her notes and wrote down important details of his response. She could feel him staring at her.

“Can we talk?” He asked

“We are talking.  How many teams would you say you have managed working as an HR manager?” She asked, without looking up.

” Around eight roughly. I meant can we talk after the interview?” He responded

” What would you say that your greatest strength is?” She asked, ignoring his question and still not making eye contact with him.

“Knowing when I make a mistake. Accepting my mistakes and working hard to rectify the situation when possible. ” He responded.

She closed her notebook and stared at him, as she tapped her fingers on the table. She took a sip of her water, but this time, maintained eye contact with him

“Knowing when you have made a mistake? Is this interview a joke to you? Is everything in life a joke to you?” She asked angrily, raising her voice with each question.

The hurtful memories all came rushing back at once along with so many emotions. She remembered how she found out that he was getting married to another woman on his wedding day, while he was supposedly in Vegas to meet with a wedding planner for their wedding.  She was using the computer at their house when an email came in from one of his friends from college. He had forgotten to log out of his email account and the subject seemed quite strange, ‘Congratulations on your wedding day’ from ‘Ken’.

She remembered every line in that email:

‘ I can’t believe you are getting married today bro, but I’m so glad that you met Sophia because you two belong together! I’m so sorry that I cannot make the wedding, but I would make it up to you I promise. Again, congratulations to you and your gorgeous bride’

– Ken

At first, she was very sure it must have been a wrong email or just a spam but she could not shake it off her mind that it was odd. So she started searching his emails for wedding preparations and the results that came back revealed everything she needed to know along with the location of the wedding. She remembered dressing up and walking into the venue, as she saw John and his truly gorgeous bride saying their vows. She sat through the ceremony, crying till they walked out of the church without causing any trouble. After the ceremony, she went back to their apartment, packed her things and left, sending him the picture she took of them saying their vows with the message ‘congratulations to you and your gorgeous bride’, before blocking his phone number. She had not heard from him or seen him since his wedding day until this interview. The overwhelming anger that she felt, as she took a deep breath and bit her lower lip.

” I made a mistake” He said, in a low voice.

“Damn right you made a mistake applying for this role in this company that I clearly work at!” She snapped back at him.

“I made a mistake with you” He replied gently.

“Thinking you can get this job was a mistake. Have a nice day, Mr Coleman” Selma said, packing up the interview materials from the table.

“Selma, I am getting hired for this role. I know people and this interview is just to follow company procedure. I am getting this job, with your recommendation or not. But I would like to talk to you about us” He said, still sitting down calmly.

Selma put the materials in the folder and gently stood up. She was tempted to respond to his last comments but there were no words that could make up her response. The nerve that he had to apply to her company! She picked up her empty glass and walked out of the room. But his last comments continued replaying in her head. John always knew people at the top…so there was a high possibility that he could be getting this job!

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************”Can I have a long island?” Selma ordered, as she sat at the bar of the restaurant down the street from her office. She had stopped at the bar everyday after work since she saw John for the interview. The thought of him made her angry. What an entitled son of a bitch! How dare him walk back into her life after leaving her crushed?! What kind of a man deceives a female with a proposal? He knew how badly she wanted to get married and he went ahead to dangle the one thing she always wanted in front of her. Who does some shit like that?! Seeing him again brought up so many questions that she had made up her mind years ago never to ask. Like when exactly did he meet his wife? Was it before or during their relationship? How did she not know that her “fiancé” was engaged to another woman? What was his plan after the wedding? So many damn questions for a man that ruined her! All her trust issues stemmed from that relationship. How stupid could she be to miss the signs? “Would you like me to open a tab or close it?” The bartender asked, saving her from her thoughts. “Leave it open, thanks” She replied, as she handed him her card. “It’s on me tonight” He said smiling, as he walked over to the next customer at the bar. “I got it, please take my card when you are done.” She said, as she took a sip of her long island. The bartender served the other customer his drink and walked back to her.

“I am totally capable of paying for my own drinks.” Selma said rudely and handed him her card.

“I bet you are. You come here every night” He replied

“Excuse me?” She said angrily

“I wasn’t trying to be rude.” He replied

“Well you are doing a horrible job trying to be anything else.” She snapped back.

The bartender smiled and picked up her card.  “I’ll keep the tab open” He said. “Actually close it. I’ll find somewhere else where the bartenders mind their own damn business” She said angrily, as she stood up from the bar stool. The bartender swiped her card and gave it back to her with the receipt. “You are too damn beautiful to be this angry” He said, as he walked away to attend to other customers. Did this bartender just call her an angry woman? Oh hell no! She was totally done with men thinking they can get away with whatever shit that came out of their mouth. She walked up to where he was attending to three females and cut into the middle of them to be able to talk directly to him.

“Now look here, asshole, don’t you ever talk to me like that, just because I don’t want your filthy money to buy my drinks. I make triple whatever you make working in this shit hole and don’t need a good for nothing bartender trying to get in my pants by buying me some cheap drinks. So don’t you dare call me angry when I am clearly not! I am a very happy woman, okay?” She said yelling at him. Once she was done, she could feel everyone at the bar staring at her.

“Andrew” The bartender replied.

“What?” She snapped back.

“You called me asshole. My name is Andrew” He said as he giggled and walked away to attend to another customer.

“Selma?” She heard a voice say. A voice that was very familiar. “Selma” She heard it again. Oh shit! This time she knew exactly who it was and she just wanted the ground to open up and suck her in. It was Tim’s sister, Margaret. What a perfect time to run into her exes sister! She was sure that Tim was  going to hear about how he dodged a damn bullet. “Excuse me” She said to the three white girls still standing behind her.

“Hey Margaret, how are you?” Selma said, forcing a smile, as they hugged.

“Pretty good, is everything alright? You seemed pretty pissed at that dude” Margaret said.

“Oh, its totally fine. He was very rude to me earlier, but whatever. What are you doing here?” Selma asked.

“I am umm…meeting up with Tim’s fiancee. What about you? Are you here alone?” Margaret said.

Did she just say Tim’s fiancee? They had been broken up for three months and he already got engaged?! She could not help the overwhelming anger that she felt.  “I’m sorry, did you just say Tim’s fiancee?” She said, with an angry smile.


“No. I don’t need to be having a conversation with you. Next time you see me, please  act like you don’t.” Selma replied, cutting her off and walking out of the bar. This was definitely one of the worst nights of her life and she just walked out of  a bar feeling not drunk enough to survive it. She hailed a yellow cab from the side of the road and got in.

“Where to ma’m?” the taxi driver asked

“Nearest liquor store”  Selma responded, as her phone started ringing. It was Angel.

“Hey Angel, Whats up? ”

” Hey Selma. So I worked a bit late today and overhead a conversation that I believe you should be aware of” Angel said

“What’s going on?”

“So….don’t freak out” Angel responded

“Don’t worry my night can’t get any worse. What’s up?” Selma replied

Angel took a deep breath and said “John Coleman got the job. He starts work tomorrow”

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