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Hey guys!  This is my first time writing a blog and I’m pretty excited! So many people have urged me to write about ALL my dating experiences, because trust me, they are ALOT of very interesting stories that females out here can relate with and learn from. In my blog, I would be telling you guys about my dating experiences, how I have dealt with heart break after nearly ALL of them and my journey to rebuilding my self esteem and self respect. I would also be talking about so many mistakes that females make these days (including myself obviously)  and how to avoid certain situations that we, females should not be in the first place. Dating is a struggle out here and I have been through all the downsides! So no matter what you are going through right now in your dating or relationship or FWB or complicated (or whatever status you choose to give it) situation, feel better because someone has probably been through it, ME (or my friend or friend’s friend or friend’s friend’s friend…you get it!). So stay tuned for some dating stories that would definitely blow your mind for sure or probably leave you saying “thats so me!” Most importantly, don’t forget to leave your comments as I love to hear your thoughts and feel free to share your experiences as well.

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